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Укажите, к какой теме относятся все три предложения: a) theatre b) fine art c) music

1. I like every piece of it. 2. It’s very popular now. 3. It was written by Benjamin Britten.


С какими словами можно употребить глагол “to do”?

1)a mistake; 2)one’s best; 3)a cake; 4)the dishes; 5)a trip.


29. Choose the correct variant:

My exam was a piece of cake!

a) Something is very difficult. b) Something is very easy. c) To dislike something.


30. Из таблицы вычеркните буквы, из которых складываются ответы на загадки. Из оставшихся букв составьте ключевое слово и запишите в ответ.

1. Color of the sky

2. Fruit: green outside, red inside.

3. Animal: lives in the desert



31. Расположите предложения в порядке увеличения количества апельсинов:

1) There were few oranges on the plate.

2) There were many oranges on the plate.

3) There were a few oranges on the plate.

4) There were some oranges on the plate.

5) There were plenty of oranges on the plate.


32. Употребите определения перед существительными, соблюдая правильный порядок слов:

a) a lady b) nice c) old


Choose the correct variant:

33.I was looking … the gloves everywhere but couldn’t find them. a) out, b) at, c) for, d) after


There is a mistake in each sentence. Find and correct it.

34. I stood and opened door.

35. Did you see anything suspicious? – No, I didn’t saw anything.

36. It is most terrible thing I have ever seen.

37. Do we must pay excess baggage on this?


Choose incorrect sentence.

a) We play football every weekend.

b) Do you like fish?

c) I feel sick.

d) He works at home now.

e) They went to St. Petersburg in winter.


Choose the correct pronoun:

39.. … has lived in this house for years. a) nowhere b) no one c) nothing

40. You can read … books by this author. They are all interesting. a) some b) any c) no

41.. … time I see her she speaks about her dog. a) every b)any c) some


42. Определите, какое слово подходит ко всем предложениям:

1. All our students … part in the discussion.

2. He was … to hospital.

3. She …after her mother.

4. The Congress … place in Warsaw.

5. Do you … me for a fool?

Choose the correct variant:

43. What's the name of the most famous clock in Britain?

a) Big Albert, b) Big Stephen, c) Big Wren, d) Big Ben.


44.Where is Glasgow situated?

a) in Scotland, b) in Wales, c) in England, d) in Northern Ireland.


45.What's the name of the London underground?

a) Metro, b) Tube, c) Subway, d) Underground,


46.Where is the official residence of the Queen?

a) Chatham House, b) Regent Palace, c) Westminster Palace, d) Buckingham Palace.


47.What is the emblem of Wales?

a) Rose, b) Leek, c)Thistle, d) Shamrock.


48.What’s the name of the Queen’s eldest son?

a) Charles, b) Philip, c) Andrew, d) Edward


49. Stonehenge is about …. years old.

a) 40, b) 400, c) 4000, d) 40 000


50. The Tower of London was started by …

a) Julius Caesar, b) William the Conqueror, c) Henry VIII, d) Sir Christopher Wren


51. The flag of the United Kingdom, known as the Union Jack, is made up of … crosses.

a) two, b) three, c) four, d) five


52. Put these holidays in the chronological order:

a) Easter

b) New Year

c) Boxing Day

d) Christmas

e) Halloween


В английском языке есть слова, которые звучат абсолютно одинаково,

Хотя и пишутся по-разному (например, too и two). Подберите по этому

принципу пары к перечисленным словам:

53. Tail – _________________

54. By – _________________

55. Peace – _______________

56. Sail – _________________

57. Weak – _______________

58. Pare – ________________

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