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2. If you’re very confused about the European Medicines Agency, and the UK MHRA, and how they relate to each other, it’s fairly simple. The MHRA used to approve drugs, now the EMA do, but they farm out some of the local work to the old national regulators, especially monitoring and communication, as well as some of the approval stuff.

3. I recommend the work of John Abraham, collected here: (http://www.sussex.ac.uk/profiles/6

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31. There is a good, free summary of the issues around this area in this PDF from the WHO: Aidan Hollis. Me Too Drugs: is there a problem? http://www.who.int/intellectualproperty/ topics/ip/ Me-tooDrugs_Hollis1.pdf

32. NICE, ‘CG17 Dyspepsia: full guideline,’ Guidance/Clinical Guidelines, http://guidance.nice.org.uk/CG17/Guidance/pdf/ English. But also, if the NICE guideline and its references aren’t enough for you (it’s from 2004) please do waste an hour of your time browsing other more recent trials. There’s nothing magical happening here for esomeprazole.

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36. Here I should declare an interest: I sit on the funding panel to address this exact question, every quarter, for the NHS ‘Health Technology Assessment’ programme. This funding stream exists specifically to identify trials that need to be done, but which no company would fund, comparing one drug against another, and if you are aware of any important areas where we don’t know which of two important treatments is best, you should submit a request (or if you’re lazy, email it to me).

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