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Ф Match these sentence halves.

1We're trying to break into

2You should carry out

3If you would like to place

4If you can't meet

5They've quoted

6Let us know if you want us to arrange

7It's essential to comply with

a)all regulations if you want the delivery to go through without problems.

b)the delivery date, let us know as soon as possible.

c)insurance cover for the shipment.

d)a market survey before you make a major investment.

e)the Japanese market.

f)an order, press one now.

g)us a very good price for the consignment.



Find verb + noun partnerships in the sentences above. For example,to break into a market. Which of them is normally done by:

l the supplier? 2 the buyer? 3 both the supplier and the buyer?



QBefore you read the article, answer these questions.

1Which countries traditionally export: a) bananas? b) coffee? c) sugar?

2What typical problems do these exporters face when selling abroad?

фRead the article and answer these questions.

1What does the article say about:

a)Denise Sutherland?

b)Juan Valverde Sanchez?

c)Nicaraguan farmers?

d)Sainsbury's, Starbucks and Carrefour?

e)The World Trade Organisation (WTO)?

2What do these numbers from the article refer to?

a) $500tn b) 400 c) 500,000 d) 36 e) 25

3Why are Denise and Juan having problems selling their products?

4What are the benefits to local producers of fair trade?

5How did fair trade begin?

Reading Fair trade]

0Choose the word a), b) or c) that is the odd one out in each group and matches the definitions.


UK develops taste for fair trade

The UK has a taste for guilt-free food - sales are growing by 100% a year.

Language review

We use the first conditional when we think the expected outcome of a situation is very likely.

If you give us a 10% discount, we'll place a firm order of 500 cases. (This is a promise. If you don't deliver on time, we won't order from you again. (This is a threat.) Will you give us a discount if we double our order?

We use the second conditional when the outcome is less certain or is imaginary.

If you gave us a 5% discount, we would place a much bigger order. If they didn't have a guaranteed market, their business wouldn't survive. j What discount would you offer us if we decided to go to another supplier?

^page 154

ф О 9.5Kevin Warren, Executive Vice President of Coca-Cola (UK), is talking about negotiating. Listen to the first part of the interview. What does Kevin say that the letters L-l-M stand for?

L.................................................... I.......................... M..........................

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